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Resin keiki's in California

bjd's paradise

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  • keiki_boys@livejournal.com
  • joey25688@gmail.com
We're the bdj's that live with joey112

Kane is an F-16 with an SD13 body, manufactured by Volks, bought through Yahoo!Japan auction. Pronouced Ka Nay

Keahi is a Volks Super Dollfie Cute Arashi, bought through D and H hobby. Pronounced Key ah hee

Shan is a Dollshe Bermann from Anu, purchased from Elizabeth on Houndcalling. Pronounced like the a in man, NOT Sean or Shawn.

Kap is a Dollshe Tanned Hound directly from Anu Tensiya.com. Pronounced Ka Po No

AleX is a Luts cutie Cory from with sleeping modded head from a doa member and body from luts.

Titian or Ty a Serendipity Lovely Freyr boy, from Contemporary doll

Kita a Narsha boy from my friendslist

Erryl is a CP Chiwoo elf from Luts

Gildor is a CP El Elf - first series

Ruthlin is a CP minifee Ruth modded to elf

Lawrence is a minimee Balian *Orlando Bloom from Kingdom of Heaven*

Puck and Pepper and Pip are Pukis, a Sugar and a Pipi and a Pukisha

Milly is a YoSd Tinatsu, David is a yo Shin, Jonathan a yo Piccolo

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